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Re-engineering OP25

Since we first started on OP25 there has been a long hiatus during which GNURadio has evolved and this has caused a lot of problems. This page is the top-level for the re-engineering effort.

Re-engineering and Refactoring goals

There are a number of top-level goals for this exercise. Most obviously we want the code to work on GNURadio 3.6 but there are many subtasks:

To keep the work to a reasonable minimum we can focus stage one on just the core blocks and use GRC to implement a transceiver and receiver.


Work will be managed using the trac ticket system. Every re-development activity will have an associated ticket so we can track progress.

Source Code

We'll make the work-in-progress available on the trunk of the normal OP25 repository. For now we'll just use a new "refactoring" subdirectory to act as the top-level of the re-engineered codebase.

Unit Tests

Open questions:

  • Use Boost::Test to write unit tests?
  • Require all blocks to implement make check. Have them call the "real" Boost::Test unit tests or do something else?

Managing Discussions

This wiki page is intended to be the top-level page for the re-engineering exercise. If we need to work on a proposal we can open a shared wiki page to capture the idea and discuss it via the e-list.